From long experience of projects and developments own cylinders for internal combustion engines related to real-Mini Moto-Cross bike-Kart Scooter and Maxiscooter, and 'the idea to produce engines for the specific flight, for paragliders and Trike, with the name “Minari Engines”

Engines unique and specific for these uses high performance and reliability, 'quality' appreciated by our customers, distributors, pilots and flight enthusiasts of that more and more 'many of our products require the most' different countries.

This is specifically of two-stroke engines 180 cc, with different configurations, such as vertical, inverted, tilted, with natural or forced cooling, for optimal temperature control with manual start, manual electric, electrical.

Constructed by applying modern technologies, to derive the crankcase were designed and constructed steel molds for die-casting, magnesium die castings, surface powder coated, machined on the latest CNC machines and precision.

Details Ergal Anticorodal or entirely from solid with specific surface treatments and, on request, with customized colors.

Aluminum cylinder Galsi 9 artificially aged, cylinder liner with silicon in Nickel, internally polished diamond finish to plateau.

Piston profile diamond comes with two segments chrome, forged steel crankshaft completely finished grinding in all parts.

Electronic ignition with variable ignition advance timing curve specifically designed for a smooth operation and constant.

Walbro carburetor pre-calibrated, air box of pleasant form superficially finished in carbon look.

Transmission to means of Poly V belt

Exhaust system dissected and supported adequately to prevent breakage.

As described are just some construction characteristics of our engines, for more information, please continue to visit our site.